LED Tape. Standard Output. Outdoor/Bathroom Use

Starting at: £128.40

LED Tape. Standard output 4.8 watts per meter. Maximum length 5m's. For outdoor Use.
Description: LED tape with components encapsulated in silicon. There are 60no. LED's per meter and the tape can be safely cut every 100mm. It comes with a quality 3M adhesive and we recommend applying it to a strip of aluminium to ensure maximum heat dissipation. The aluminium strip (flat bar) should be fixed every 200mm to avoid the aluminium bowing, if it does it is likely to damage the LED. The product as an output up to 360 lumens per meter which is ideal for providing background, ambient light.
Made In: Italy
LED chips: Cree
Voltage: 24v DC constant voltage
Wattage: 4.8 watts per meter
Current: 0.2a/m
Life: 30,000 hours
Colour: Warm White - 3000-3200k. incandescent similar to light bulb.
  Natural White - 4,500-5,000k. white light. similar to fluoro
  Cool White - 10,000-12,000k. Blue light. similar to daylight.
Output: Warm White - 360 lumens/meter
  Natural White - 370 lumens/meter
  Cool White - 390 lumens/meter
Size: (mm) Length. 1-5m's.
  Width. 10mm
  Height. 2.2mm
Control: Dimmable with appropriate driver. Select below.
Rating: IP66
Notes: Please choose length, colour and driver below.



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